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Ahmedabad.com is a marketplace website offering a range of products. All of its products can be shipped across the country and also to some of the foreign shores, making it an extensive, exhaustive and far reaching platform.

Bumping Into Success

Talash, as the name itself suggests, endeavours to assist you in your search. While it currently does so by putting across a range of different products, its launch wasn’t exactly reminiscent of its current being. It started off as a one off project to webcast Navratri in the year 1999. Given the nascence of the internet during that period, this was definitely an unprecedented concept and it instantly caught the fancy of the people. The organizers did expect their platform to be thronged but the way it did was certainly astounding.

The Way Forward

With a successful first endeavour, the team aspired to offer its audience a little more and that is where it transformed into Ahmedabad.com- the e-commerce store. The first offering was in the form of Diwali gifts and it gradually metamorphoses into a full service E-commerce store. It has, since then, not looked back and added various new dimensions to its offerings.

The Cutting Edge

Ahmedabad.com started off with a unique concept when internet was just new to people. This online store, however, still boasts of concepts and affiliations which are unheard of in the industry. A case in point could be the heralding of restaurant gift vouchers onto its store. This was a concept which caught a lot of other stores napping as it created frenzy among the online buyers.

The 'You' Factor

At Ahmedabad.com, the emphasis has always been on the customers. It is, hence, that neither the organization nor any of its representatives have kept away from personalization. Unlike many of its counterparts, Ahmedabad.com has always emphasized on listening to the needs of the customers and trying its best to offer what is required.

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